PAYE Calculator for Nigerian Employers and Employees


nigerian paye calculatorWe have developed a useful online tool for Nigerians to quickly calculate what the PAYE of an employee would be given some known parameters.

Our PAYE calculator is easy to use with step-by-step instruction below.

To make the most effective use of it, you need to have the following information:

  • The basic, housing, transport, others (if any) emoluments of the employee;
  • Whether or not the employee would be enrolled for pension, national housing fund and national health insurance scheme;
  • Whether or not the employee has any mortgage loan he/she serviced in the preceding year;
  • Whether or not the employee has any life assurance cover for himself/herself or any member of his/her family;
  • Whether or not the employee would key into the voluntary contribution of the national pension scheme; and
  • Value of any benefit-in-kind (perquisite) provided by the employer for the benefit of the employee.

To use the calculator, please click this link >>>> Nigerian PAYE Calculator <<<<

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